HoffmanWeb Solutions & Marketing offers web content creation - both onsite and offsiteOffering useful on-site content to web visitors is critical if you want to reach and engage your target market and convert browsers to business dollars. Here at HoffmanWeb/ Solutions & Marketing, we operate on the premise that you have approximately 5 seconds to engage a website visitor.  In that time, it is the content that you offer that stimulates and interests them -- or not.  If those visitors find the content compelling, they will interact; but, more importantly, they will share what they have found because they love to suggest quality content to their friends.

In addition to quality on-site content, it is important to take advantage of all the off-site opportunities to provide content – in the form of videos, blog or forum posts, article submissions and/or social media posts, to name a few.  When off-site content is done strategically, it reaches your target market and persuades them to connect with you in any one of a number of ways you might offer.


Copy Writing Services

Whether it is articles, blog posts or some other content on your website, the copy must be professionally-written, error-free, user-friendly both for search engine bots that want to index the content and for website visitors who want to learn and benefit from what you provide.  When we create on-site content, we first get to know your business and your goals as well as your existing website content. Then, we research the web to see not only what has already been published but what readers actually like before we begin to draft new content for your use.  Each piece we create is then edited, again, for search engine optimization (SEO)  -- adding effective links and being particularly mindful of the use of optimal keywords and key phrases.



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