Winning the Battle With Your To-Do List

What Would More Productivity Mean for Your Business?

hoffmanweb-time-mgmt-postIs your To-Do List growing every day? Have you actually noticed that some items on your list are so old that they no longer need to be done? Do you have so many items competing for your time that nothing gets completed?  Small business owners often find themselves in this quandary – too many top priorities.

Is there a silver bullet?  Well, not exactly; but some fresh thinking could bring you to what I call the “lightbulb moment” – that moment when the fog lifts revealing a solution like a clear path in front of you.  It’s the moment when you say, “I can do this – why didn’t I think of it before?”

Before you can have such an enlightened moment, you first need to spend a little bit of that precious time in your day deciding what’s at the end of your rainbow – not a pot of gold but your ultimate expectation for your business. Based on that description, decide upon three major priorities to bring you closer to your final goal and identify no more than ten  accomplishments that are reachable within the next 12 months that will advance one or more of your major priorities.  You’ve just created your Plan for Success.  Now discard everything else and focus like a laser on your plan. 

How does this help you manage your To-Do List?  When you revise your list to include only tasks that fit your new Plan, you’ll find each task has new meaning – something you can relate to a bigger picture.  You will have a renewed sense of accomplishment.  The tasks you handle will have new meaning.  You’ll find you get more done in less time.  And the ultimate reward is seeing how close you are to achieving that ultimate success.

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